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Otaku Antics character cast
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BECKY (age 20) is more than happy to help an otaku find their new favorite series.

HINAKO (age 19) is a Japanese exchange student. Shy and polite, she somehow becomes employed at the store. She works hard to help, even if she doesn't speak English fluently.

KELLI (age 14) decided on her own that she was working at the store. This energetic girl is thrilled to work with her new sempai, Hinako, as she works on her language of otaku-nese.

TYLER (age 21) is the resident bishonen pretty boy. He likes to show off his long blonde hair and toned physique by refusing to wear a shirt of any kind.

PINDER (age 25) owns the store and is often stuck in his office handling paperwork. Even though the store is successful, he never quite knows what's going on.

KUBICHIN is a cute fruit bat. He's adorable, isn't he? ^_^


KATHERINE is a sales representative for Kyotopop, a domestic manga publisher. She never hesitates to show off a little for the boys to meet her sales goals.

DEL is a sales representative for Fundai Blasters, a domestic anime publisher. Cool and collected, he always frustrates Katherine.

MACH 3, KEVIN and LEZLIE are frequent customers of the store.

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