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Fast Food Anime Announces Production of Otaku Antics Manga

August 10, 2007 - AURORA, ILLINOIS - Fast Food Anime announced today that production has begun on the comedy manga Otaku Antics, showcasing the daily adventures of an anime store. Drawn by emerging Chicago artist and convention guest, Otaku~no~Yen's Shannon Townsend and written by VUDU Comedy founder John Santellano, the book is scheduled for a 2008 release. This original English language manga-style comic is filled with parody and hidden content geared for every anime fan.

Otaku Antics features a colorful cast (Becky, Tyler, Kelli, Hinako and Pinder) handling a variety of otaku customers in the store. They later bring their customer service to an anime convention.

Santellano said, "We are taking things a step further, packing in a vareity of hidden references and jokes. It's almost like a comedy in front of Where's Waldo."

"It reads as good as anything Ken Akamatsu has done. Incredibly cute and fun," remarked Townsend.

Plans include future series-related projects and products.

"We look forward to this opening act launching a franchise that our fellow otaku will consistently enjoy," stated Santellano.

The suggested retail price is expected to be in line with industry standard for the 100-200 page tablet-sized paperback. Updates will be available at FastFoodAnime.com

FAST FOOD ANIME is a convention and online retailer of anime products based in Aurora, Illinois. Founded in 2003, it has grown into a first-stop favorite at convention appearances. Fast Food Anime is the largest anime-based retailer in the Chicago area, carrying anime DVDs, soundtrack CDs, manga (graphic novels), novelty merchandise, and snacks including the "Great Wall of Pocky". FastFoodAnime.com

JOHN SANTELLANO founded VUDU Comedy in 1998 in Valparaiso, Indiana. He served as Producer and Lead Writer for 4 years before establishing Fast Food Anime in 2003.

SHANNON TOWNSEND is the artist for Studio ONY. Well known within the midwestern circuit, she headlines as a guest at several anime conventions every year. Shannon and her husband, Richard, produce the popular webcomic Otaku~no~Yen. OtakuNoYen.com


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